My First Match It! On The Farm

My First Match It! On The Farm

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Matching is an important pre-reading skill that children need to develop in order to help them get ready for school. My First Match It! On the Farm is the perfect tool to help your little ones practice this essential skill. This set contains two-piece self-correction puzzle cards that introduce familiar topics. The fun, brightly illustrated cards are designed for a younger child and engage them in the learning process in an entertaining way. My First Match It!- On the Farm includes 15 self-correcting puzzle pairs. Ages 2+ years

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AGES (0-3) Early years
KKhow 09/06/2020

great for 2 year old

My 2 year old loves these. She struggles a little to put the pieces together but can figure out the matching images just fine so it's a perfect activity to challenge her just enough.

Name 05/25/2020

Great puzzle

These are amazing and I am so happy I bought these! They are strong and durable, not flexible or bendy like some cheaper brands. The colors and pictures are bright and cute. My son easily recognized all the pictures which makes practicing with puzzles easier. My only wish is that the actual puzzle piece shapes were slightly varied from piece to piece instead of the exact same. Other than that I really like these.

mouse 05/16/2020

great gift

this is a very good gift for a child and they fun doing the puzzle . good for young one's 3yr old.

Ann Marie Papoosha 04/29/2020

Delivered in rain

I am disappointed that it was delivered in the rain and was not put into a bag and the colors have faded and are ruined.

Chuck shields 03/07/2020

Nice puzzles

Very fun for kids!

Justine 01/05/2020

Toddler approved

Perfect for toddler age!

Anna Parker 01/05/2020

Awesome gift

Perfect gift for my 2 year old nephew he absolutely loved it.

Horton 05/10/2019

Great first real puzzle toddler

Perfect for a 2 yr old. My son loves them and they are ready to together. He easily recognizes the matching pieces. These are well made, but I wish they came in a smaller box. This would make a great gift.

Nina R. 03/06/2019

My 2 yr old likes doing this puzzle

My 2 yr old enjoy going the puzzle good quality too

Vicki 01/24/2019

Great fun!

My almost 2 year old grandchild loves to play “find the match” with me. So much fun and educational.

amber ebbs 10/10/2018

Five Stars

I got this puzzle for my nephew for his birthday.his Mom loves them because he loves them

Vicki Lynne R 10/08/2018

Great for Dementia Patients

I purchased several of these puzzles for my 80 year old mom who was an avid puzzler all her life. Dementia has stolen her ability to do puzzles but she can do these two piece puzzles and she loves them!

NDell 04/12/2018

Fantastic beginner match it set!

Fantastic beginner match it set! Can be used as puzzle set or memory cards. Graphics are fun and varied! Great control of error with unique matching tabs for companion pairs.

Rita V. 07/23/2017

Five Stars

Almost to easy for my 4 yr old, but she loved matching the pictures to the pieces

Lady shopper 06/04/2017

Great educational item

Great puzzle for toddlers. My 2 and 3 year old grandsons love them!

Sue 06/04/2017

Great purchase for parents and preschools.

I'm a fan of these matching themed pieces. Promotes thinking skills, dexterity, image recognition, vocabulary, conversation, and treasured one on one time!I always separate the number of matching pieces into two zip lock bags to start as there are too many to match all together. This makes them easier to manage w/o being overwhelmed by the number of pieces. It works for me at this point! The boys can choose a bag, do their matching, re-bag and choose another....independently!

G.D. 05/29/2017

Five Stars

Great first matching game, my 4 year old and 2 year old both love playing.

Me 03/20/2017


My 2 and 4 year old love it! Just right for my 2 year old boy to have some challenge to it. It is too easy for our 4 year old daughter but she still likes playing with it anyway. The material is good quality and it seems like it will last a long time. The pictures are cute and fun for both kids!

Deb from Michigan 03/15/2017

Very nice

I purchased this for our 2 year old granddaughter and she loves it. The pieces are nice and big and also very sturdy. The pictures are bright and well done. I purchased several more in this line of puzzle after getting this.

Ashley Rawlins 03/13/2017

2 year old approved

My two year old LOVES these. They are perfect for her age. She loves matching up the pieces and figuring out what the images age.

Sbole 01/08/2017

Fun matching game

Cute matching game for toddlers. Very durable and will last for a long time. My two year old absolutely loves these.

KAT 10/19/2016

sweet! Nice thick pieces

sweet! Nice thick pieces. The kids love it.

Ben N. Mendoza 10/02/2016

Three Stars


Dia 08/29/2016

toddler approved

my 2 year old cant get enough of this type of puzzle. they are thicker cardboard pieces and have not fallen apart after endless abuse from my toddler.

N. Domanski 07/30/2016

Wonderful quality, fun pictures, great for toddlers!

I love these puzzles for my nanny babies. The two pieces are great for beginning puzzlers, and are self checking as each has a unique center cut.There are a variety of farm animals and Mr. Farmer and Mrs. Farmer, so it's fun to name each thing as we create it. I have used these as a follow up to  The Learning Journey My First Match It, Head and Tails  Heads and Tails, and have also purchased the three part puzzles  The Learning Journey Match It! Who Am I?  Who Am I to use in the future. I nanny for a 22 month old that is already wonderful at puzzles, and she loves to use these independently. I rotate the puzzles in and out of her house and these continue to be a favorite. The pieces are super sturdy and amazingly the box has survived so far too!

Jason G 02/05/2016

Five Stars

my sons love this

Bes 01/15/2016

Great Puzzle for 1 Yr Old

This puzzle is my second purchase of this puzzle. Our toddler started playing with them at about a year. She learned all the names and could fit them together by about 18 months. Before that she would pair the pieces but I would have to put them together as her small hand coordination wasn't developed enough yet. She thoroughly enjoyed them for almost a year. At 2 she was bored with them, and we had to move on to other puzzles.

Jackie 03/11/2015

Don't stay together well, cute but wouldn't purchase again.

I was excited about getting these puzzles and my son seemed to love playing with them at a friends house. After I purchased them I was a little disappointed that they don't stay together. Once you put the pieces together you can't move it or pick it up without it falling apart. The quality isn't the greatest and he didn't play with them for long. Too bad because its a great puzzle for toddlers.

Theresa Crusco 12/28/2014

Five Stars

Kids loved it. Thanks

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