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Matching is an important pre-reading skill that children need to develop in order to help them get ready for school. My First Match It! All My Toys is the perfect tool to help your little ones practice this essential skill. This set contains two-piece self-correction puzzle cards that introduce familiar topics. The fun, brightly illustrated cards are designed for a younger child and engage them in the learning process in an entertaining way. My First Match It!- All My Toys includes 15 self-correcting puzzle pairs. Ages 2+ years

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Shay 07/23/2020

Learn baby, learn!

My 1 & 2 year old absolutely love them. Great for critical thinking! Sturdy enough to hold up against wear and tear, and just the right size for those fine motor skills!

Erika K 05/03/2020

Great gift

Came fast. Perfect for my nephew.

Mario A. Rodríguez 12/04/2019

Útil y educativo

De buena calidad y útil con los nietos.

Alicia Romero 08/28/2019

Great gift!

Great gift item! They absolutely loved it!

adrianna 06/30/2019

Woth the money

Easy for kids to do by themselves Perfect for a gift and for somone going into preschool

polinas 06/19/2019

Well made

Very sturdy, bright colors

Mohamed A. 12/15/2018

Love it

Toddler loves it

Lori Macnaughton 09/18/2018

I do like them!

I bought them for my 2 yr old granddaughter, but she is very active and wasn't too interested, but her 4 yr old brother was!

RS 05/25/2018

The puzzle is ok but somehow I found the pictures ...

The puzzle is ok but somehow I found the pictures quite difficult for my kid to understand .. it took a while before she understood all the puzzle.. but she doesn’t seem interested in it...

Cherryl 04/18/2018

My toddler loves it!

My 3yr old loves these puzzles. I got him more and gave my nieces and nephews similar puzzles.

PBH 01/13/2018

My 1. 5 years old daughter loves it! ...

My 1.5 years old daughter loves it!!

Jan 12/05/2017

Love these puzzles

My granddaughter is 2 years old and will love these puzzles!

D. H. Gardner 11/20/2017

Teaching game

Thick board and quite colorful. Arrived intact and timely.

mommy of four 08/22/2017

Great for fine motor skills

Great for fine motor skills. Also great tool for teaching kids to identify and name objects. The "My First Match It" puzzle series are a fantastic tool for introducing kids to interlocking puzzles and problem solving. I use this with the toddlers (one and two year olds) in my class all the time. The pieces are large enough that they don't pose a choking hazard for toddlers. The puzzle pieces are also very sturdy. After your kids have mastered this set, I would recommend The Learning Journey "4 in a Box" puzzle series.

Katclimber 08/09/2017

Good quality but might be too easy for a child over two

It's a decent quality product, standard jigsaw cardboard, cannot criticize it for its production value. However, we bought this for our 26-month-old daughter based on the positive reviews here and the age ranges discussed. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was almost immediately able to do all the puzzles by herself and lost interest. I do not think my daughter is brilliant, instead I do think you need to evaluate your child's skill sets carefully before deciding whether this is age-appropriate. We also bought her the 2-4-6-8 puzzle from the same manufacturer and this is much more challenging for her and was a better choice.

Kristen 06/03/2017

This was a great puzzle for my two year old

This was a great puzzle for my two year old. The pieces are really big so it made it easier for her to fit them together and reduce frustration!

Lisyloosey 05/23/2017

Great first puzzle!

These puzzles are great for little hands and my 2 year old loves to put the pieces together.

Tammy 01/07/2017

Very nice toy

These are the best puzzles. My 2 year old has 2 sets and loves to play with them. The pieces are easy for her to put together because they are big enough for her little hands

T. Hiles Olson 01/06/2017

Five Stars

Nice thick, well cut pieces. The kids loved this!

Bonnie 01/03/2017

Perfect first puzzle!

My 2.5 year old received one of these as a gift. It's perfect for kids who are past the wooden shape puzzles but aren't quite ready for 12-piece puzzles. The pictures are cute, and are different enough that she can easily find the matching piece. I love that the pieces are self-correcting, meaning they only fit together with their matching counterpart.I'll be getting more of these in the future as gifts for 2-year-olds!If you found my review helpful, please up vote it!

Gypsy 12/30/2016

A wonderful activity for a young toddler

A wonderful activity for a young toddler. The puzzle pieces are sturdy and thick enough for little hands to grasp and hold on to. The images on the pieces are bright and well printed. My 21 month old granddaughter has enjoyed this from the moment she saw it. Well made product. I am pleased and will be purchasing additional puzzles from this series.

Christopher J Heiden 12/30/2016

Five Stars

Great product

Laura I. 07/02/2016

My daughter loved this puzzle when she was about 19 months old

My daughter loved this puzzle when she was about 19 months old. She mastered it quickly because she played so much!

Redhouse7 02/25/2016

Fun and educational

I love these for my son! These are much better quality than many of the other similar products I have seen, the printing quality is very nice and the cardboard is firm and thick ensuring that they are both durable and easy to put together. While each pair is pretty easy to put together, it still poses a challenge to find the right pairs to put together. I can see my son's concentration on his face while he looks for the right cards. He has even taken to using his finger or his flashlight to look for the right piece, it's very cute to see. When he gets a little older I can see using this like a memory game putting the pieces face down and trying to find pairs from memory. This has also been good for his language development as he says each items name while he looks for it. I highly recommend this skill building product.

Baggio 02/08/2016

Five Stars


CS 11/29/2015

these matching cards are amazing my son has some delays and uses

these matching cards are amazing my son has some delays and uses these all the time with his therapist he is 2.8 years old

Amanda G. 11/21/2015

My 2 year old loves it, she plays with ...

My 2 year old loves it, she plays with it all the time and now does it in minutes.

Tonya 09/29/2015


My toddler doesn't play with them too much. Not interested.

Amy Green 09/08/2015

Five Stars

My toddler love these puzzles and they are a great interactive learning tool.

Colby Shinkle 07/31/2015

Four Stars

Good quality product but it wasn't really challenging enough to keep my kids attention very long.

Kristie M. 06/06/2015

Love these cute puzzle cards!

I purchased this for my 3 year old son. He loves it! We have several puzzles that he enjoys, but still needs help with every time he does them. These he can do all by himself which is great! Every time I get them out it keeps him busy long enough for me to get a lot done! The pieces are super sturdy with cute, bright pictures. All the pieces lay perfectly flat on the table as well, which is great. No one likes puzzles pieces that won't lay flat and thus won't stay together. I also purchased the "Things That Go" and the "Dinosaur Friends" versions of these puzzle cards and I am glad I did!

Camilo 05/07/2015

Very good quality.

Very good quality.

Iryna 04/13/2015

Happy Twins

My twins are not 2 yet but they love these games.

A. Michalenka 04/08/2015

Good for young Tots

Great for our young toddlers. Almost too easy for our 2yr old, but we lay out all of the pieces and ask her to assemble a certain item. Helps her expand her vocabulary and recognize parts of item, along with gross motor skills. Overall, very happy with the product.

Linda 03/27/2015

Four Stars

Great puzzle

Vic D. 03/24/2015

Five Stars

Nice and thick cardboard easy for little ones to pair up.

TeacherMommy 01/05/2015

Great simple puzzle

Bought this as a gift for my 2 year old niece. The puzzle has bright and colorful pictures on heavy cardboard. The pictures are of familiar objects that a toddler would be able to identify. Great toy for building vocabulary. I suggest giving a young child a few pieces at a time to put together. When all of the pieces are out at one time it can be overwhelming for the child.

Lanay 12/29/2014


Good Price. Exactly what was expected

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