My First Match It! Things I Eat

My First Match It! Things I Eat

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Matching is an important pre-reading skill that children need to develop in order to help them get ready for school. My First Match It! Things I Eat is the perfect tool to help your little ones practice this essential skill. This set contains two-piece self-correction puzzle cards that introduce familiar topics. The fun, brightly illustrated cards are designed for a younger child and engage them in the learning process in an entertaining way. My First Match It!- Things I Eat includes 15 self-correcting puzzle pairs. Ages 2+ years

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Ashley B. 07/15/2015

Excellent quality!

I am so impressed with the quality put into these puzzles, not flimsy at all. They are sturdy and can take the abuse of several kids. We're on our third child with the same puzzle and it looks perfect, they write on them with crayons and it wipes off easily. The pictures are easy for kids to recognize and learn the foods. Highly recommend this!

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