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Match It! Words teaches words in an interactive fun way. Each puzzle set has two pieces - a picture of an object with its beginning sound and the word ending. By simply matching the object card with the proper word ending, children will learn to recognize the spelling of simple words. The puzzle sets are self-correcting—only correct object and word endings will fit together. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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Ashley Dougherty 04/25/2022

Fun Learning Game!

My kids have loved playing this match it game. I dump the box in a pile on the floor and they race to see who can match the most words correctly. They have fun while using their brains and that’s awesome!

L. Apostol 11/21/2021

Wonderful Wonderful

I absolutely love the Match It series! we had been looking for something like this for so long! Most of these types of puzzles are words and pictures or letter sounds. I love that this has digraphs and higher level words. Just awesome!

Christina Barksdale 03/26/2021

Great way to teach blends!

This puzzle is so fun an engaging for my 5 year old. She had enjoyed matching the words and this is helping with her remembering the sounds of blends correctly and how to spell!!<br /> <br /> Awesome product!!

Vetta 11/15/2020


This is so fun! My son was finding that spelling by matching wording can be exciting. He was catching on so fast to what went with what . I was amazed.

Christine 07/24/2020

Great Learning!

Very good for kids to learn and grow! My Nanny used these to teach my twin girls sounds. Would be great for Teachers.

Diana 02/12/2020

Great buy

I thought it’ll be a great gift for a four year old, since my child use to enjoy this puzzle.

zanobia easahak 10/18/2019

Great gift

Nice for 3yrs and up

crianog 05/31/2019


Progressive child development.

jacqueline 05/29/2019

Love this

Great quality we have them all

Sherrie M. Dudley 05/13/2019

Great Gift for Niece

I got this for my niece upcoming birthday . Fast Delivery ! I am very satisfied with my purchase, Thank you !

louellen zarembski 05/01/2019


Great for learning

LadyT 02/27/2019


Really good quality there’s a lot of them .

Shandra 10/17/2018

Great learning to read game

My granddaughter loves this game as she is practicing learning to read with sounds of letters. This game has different options for each ending and she's learning which words sound alike as well. It's reinforcing her K reading skills.

Christel Andersen 07/08/2018

Very fun game!

Daughter loves these cards.

Chintan Pandya 06/24/2017

love the educational aspect as well as the fun that the kids hav

The kids love the matching word/picture. We take it everywhere so that they aren't bored. Love it!

Meera 04/01/2017

Word and Numbers Puzzles make Learning Fun!

My son absolutely loves these puzzles so much that we went and bought three more. They are very age appropriate and make learning so fun for children. Highly recommended for children to develop their vocabulary and numbers.

cynthia wade 01/28/2017

Five Stars

This was a Christmas gift and it was a big hit.

Melinda Duckworth 01/09/2017

Five Stars

fun times with the grand daughter

Maria 01/02/2017

Awesome purchase my kids can't seem to put this down

Awesome purchase my kids can't seem to put this down. They love it so I am glad because it is educational.

tjl 12/20/2016

The sounds being broken down into a puzzle helps children learni

Ordered these for my 4 year old grandon. He loves them and is so proud of himself when he can create a word. The sounds being broken down into a puzzle helps children learning to read to read by phonics and that is the best way to understand the english language.

Black butterfly ???? 12/19/2016

Five Stars

Just what I wanted for my Godson.

Virginia purchaser 12/07/2016

Five Stars

Very pleased with this game and children love it. Wonderful learning tool.

Customer from CT 09/01/2016

Three Stars

This did not hold the grandchildren's interest that well. They are more attentive to words in books.

A. Hebert 01/03/2016

Great set, quick ship

Bought these as a gift. Great set, quick ship.

CV 01/01/2016

My kids love these match it word cards and I can feel ...

My kids love these match it word cards and I can feel good about purchasing them a game that is also educational.

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