My First Grab It! Animal Match

My First Grab It! Animal Match

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Kids will love learning about animals with this award-winning action-packed game! With the colorful farm animal theme cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match their animals. Simply launch the animal discs from the dispenser and when your animal comes out, GRAB IT! and place it on the corresponding spot on your game board. Be the first one to fill your board to win the game! Game includes disc dispenser, 16 game discs, and four playing boards. For up to four players. Ages 2+.

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Lisa 09/10/2020

Toddlers first game

First game I’ve purchased for my 2 year old. Great for learning how to match and concept of taking turns. The dispenser makes it more fun for them.

Marina E. 06/15/2020

Great game

This game is great not only for education purposes, it’s good just for fun and keeps your kid busy. My son loves to play with it with me and without. Using your imagination you can improvise and provide many different games from this materials. For my kid is also fun how the animals pop up from the box. I have only one complain about this game: it’s a box for holding it. After you open this game it’s impossible to put everything back. So you have to find a storage for it.

Karen 04/02/2020

Good toy

My two and a half year old grandson loves this. The animals are thick so shouldn't bend. He can work it by his self.

sm 03/16/2020

Simple game for turn taking and speech

I love this interactive game because it keeps children with short attention spans engaged. It's very basic, easy to play and finishes quickly so it's a great way to see an activity through from beginning to end. I'm not using it as a grabbing game but rather a cooperative matching game to encourage speech. The pieces and boards are thick and durable. The pieces can be dispensed fast or slow depending on how much force you apply to the shooting mechanism. Worth it.

Cheetahfox 10/03/2019

Fun for kids

This game is cute and fun for kids. Good for matching. Good for them to get the concept of a bingo like game card.

Lala Busy Mommy 07/09/2019

Awesome learning game

Velcro pieces or some way to get them to stick to the game board would be awesome

Tee-Bee 02/15/2019

Fun, simple game

My daughter loves playing this game. At 2, she has a rather short attention span but this game keeps her engaged for extended amounts of time.

Jenny 01/15/2019

Niece loves it!

Bought this for my 2-1/2 year old niece. She loved it!

J. Jenkins 10/31/2018

Excellent therapy material

I am an SLP in a preschool setting and this is a great buy. My kids LOVE the chip dispenser, and needing to pull and grab to get the chip is great for their fine motor skills. Then I get some nice labeling out of them by asking “what is it?!” when they get the chip. We also practice the sound the animal makes. We find the matching animal on the board and talk about same and different. You can also play a game where each child takes a chip but doesn’t let the other children see. Each child makes the noise of the animal on the chip and the other children have to guess what it is. Lots of mileage out of this very affordable little therapy activity

Annes 11/24/2017

Cute game without "Grabbing"

Concept of matching was good. Did not encourage grabbing, as don't feel it is a thing I would want to teach a preschooler....Just played it for who finished first by taking turns....not grabbing...I don't see the point of that....

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