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Match It! Colors

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Match It! Colors teaches colors using real photos in a fun and interactive way. Each card has two pieces—a picture of a colored object with a matching card that spells the name of the object using the same color combination. By simply matching the pieces together, children will learn to recognize the spelling of simple color words. The puzzle pairs are self-correcting—only correct object and name combinations will fit together. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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Sarah Brown CCC-SLP 10/01/2022

Great for increasing MLU!

In my speech therapy sessions I work on increasing a child’s Mean Length of Utterance (MLU). This activity is perfect because I have my students say the color +object in a sentence. Great quality and engaging!

Analisa Carrillo 11/22/2021

Great Beginner Puzzle

My daughter is two and though she can't read, she does know her colors! This puzzle was perfect to help with a different type of matching. Visual discrimination is so important for reading later on.

Robert Wei 10/16/2020

Good product!

Very sturdy, my kid loves it! They didn't stop till all the pieces were matched up! A really fun puzzle!

Lindsey 09/24/2020

Great for my classroom

My kids love this. Has really cute realistic pictures that are easy to recognize. Great way to learn colors. :)

BSujeily 06/05/2020

Great versatile learning tool

I bought these matching cards to practice color-object association with my 18 month old and I am very pleased with the purchase. All the pairs are in the box and they easily fit in when putting them together, and the cards are very sturdy and glossy. The cards are slightly bigger than my palm, which will be great for little hands to manipulate. All the objects included are very common objects (animals, insects, flowers, vehicles, food, etc.) that my little one knows about 18-20 of the 30 cards included (granted, English and Spanish.) Additionally, all the objects are realistic and not cartoonish, which is a standards of the Montessori method we follow.I can easily adapt these in the future when she starts reading/writing, so I highly recommend as a long-term investment (yes, I'm a teacher.) I love them!

TDabbs 05/02/2020

Great little learning game

Love these games and so do the little ones. Many ways to use and make up games. Just wished seller had not placed shipping label directly on box. It won’t come off.

Myleah K Arthur 01/01/2020

Good buy, would buy again

Perfect gift. My nephew loves it and my sister said it’s a hit.

Hasnain Syedah 01/12/2019

3-5 year old

Very engaging for a young learner.

u know who 06/20/2018

Five Stars

good preschool learning. Helps kids learn colors in a realistic way using real life object.

Salomeannes 10/05/2017

Five Stars

my friends 2 year old loved this!! Got so excited and started clapping every time we found the matching piece. Very rewarding and fun!

Gerri DeMarshall 03/17/2017

Five Stars

The little girl I purchased this for loved it!

Kathleen Sanderson 01/10/2017

Great kids game

Granddaughter loves it! We played with it together. Great quality time! After we had put them all together we went over each one talking about the colors and what other object we knew that were that color. Such a fun learning tool!

CYNTHIA A 01/03/2015

Five Stars

Fun for kids just learning their colors. Especially if your child loves problem solving. It also helps with fine motor skills when putting the peicess together. Very engaging and fun for kids that love puzzles

Marva Cole 01/04/2014

Love it!!!!

I use this with my kids and they just love putting the pieces together. very smart way to learn. I would recommend this to anyone.

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