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Learning to spell becomes fun and easy with Match It! Letters! These colorful three letter puzzle card sets provide children with a great introduction to spelling and will help to expand their vocabulary. They will learn to spell by associating the object with the letters and correctly assembling the puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are self-correcting so only the right spelling goes together! The set includes 20 puzzle sets. Recommended for ages 4+ years.

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CJ Keller 06/18/2022

Fantastic for Teaching Phonics Skills

I received this Letters set for review and very much recommend it for children learning to read. As someone who teaches kids with disabilities, I find this set so useful. The hands-on nature make it fun for kids to use and the puzzle pieces help them to see the sounds, letter by letter, that make up the word. Even better, the puzzle is self-correcting, so it's an extra layer of help as we sound out these short vowel words. Excellent resource!

Wendy M 04/12/2022

They are learning without knowing

My daughter Ella loves her Match it! Letters game. This is a perfect way for them to learn without knowing. Perfect way to get them ready for kindergarten

Grace Johnson 11/09/2021

Great Learning Tool!

This is the perfect puzzle to help my emerging readers and spellers! I use this in my first grade classroom all the time!

Dennis G 12/14/2020

Great buy!

Great game for our 5 y/o.

Sahrae Rivas 11/23/2020

Learning and fun all in one!

We love all learning journey puzzles, so when this one arrived it was a hit right away! We used it to practice our letter sounds and letter recognition. Such a great learning tool!

emily ty 11/15/2020

Educational and fun.

Good for starter for toddler to spell words

laura 10/14/2020

Love this brand

3yr old likes them. Good learning puzzle

D Brennen 09/18/2020

Easy to use and fun

My daughter Just turned three and she’s already learning her sounds, letters, and putting them together for words. I found this to be a very useful and fun tool for her. I love the colorful pictures and clear letters that are easy to understand and see. Wonderful learning tool!

kathy Gonzalez 09/12/2020

great early learning tool

This was a gift for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Michelle R. Pollock 09/12/2020

Great learning tool

Great product and tool to keep the kids engaged in learning.

Lulu 09/12/2020

It is quality!

It is well made!

Jessvelasco84 08/28/2020

Very helpful

Helpful to learn letters and spell.

Mrslange 08/25/2020

Great tool for sight words

This is perfect way to help kids spell sight words in a fun way

KRISTI COKER 08/06/2020

Love it

I bought these for my preschool class. The kids love it and ask to play it often.

Michelle L. 07/03/2020

Fun learning activity

Easy for children. It was a good addition to our home school activities.

D 06/13/2020

Good preschool learning tool

good quality puzzle to help with preschool spelling and reading

jane 05/24/2020

Phonics at it's best

As a retired reading teacher this product was great for teaching CVC phonics with emphasis on learning and blending sounds! Plus it is colorful and puzzles are fun!

Dee Dee 05/23/2020

The best learning toy ever thanks Amazon.

Perfect for learning how to read.

Tuba Cakmak 04/29/2020

Happy. Great product

Its a great exercise to keep my 2 toddlers busy. Even if theyre not ready to reas, they do like the puzzle part of it. Happy with my order. I might get more use of it next year with my 3 year old

mld321 04/14/2020

Great Distance Learning Tool!

I bought these to help my daughter who is in kindergarten while we're distance learning for the next couple months. Her reading specialist at school has the parents do the same exercises but by hand and this is is so much easier for both my daughter and I to help her with sounding out words. My 3 year old daughter is also interested and it helps her to identify pictures and start sounding out words. Definitely recommend!

Jeannie 04/10/2020

Great for spelling practice! Recommend for Preschool/kindergarte

Spelling practice during quarantine

Mrs & Mr Owens 03/21/2020

A Must have

My favorite part is that all the letters are the same size without visual clues. It helps assess knowledge of cvcs.

S wood 01/30/2020

Good purchase

My kids love it.

Dria 01/03/2020

Great and fun learning tool

I dont dislike anything about this purchase. It's a great learning tool.

Mrs. W 10/07/2019

A more visual and tactile learning resource....

We homeschool neurotypical and neuro- diverse kiddos in our household. This puzzle spelling set is really helping in our quest to improve our children's spelling skills, using a more visual and tactile learning resource!

Busy1 08/11/2019

great teaching tool

Good for helping a child that is speech delayed. This item may not be intended for that but it helps as a teaching tool

Lixie M. 04/11/2019

Good quality

This is a good quality product but my 2 and 4 year olds don’t like it much. They would rather use an app. They both can read and I’m trying to get them to spell. This product isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I still try to use it once a month for diversity.

Cecilia MacDonald 02/01/2019

I love this puzzle.

I love this puzzle. It is much better than other spelling puzzles because each letter is separate.

Sarah 09/05/2018

Very helpful

Easy to teach

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