Match It! Head To Tail

Match It! Head To Tail

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Match It! Head to Tail includes a colorful set of 20 themed puzzle cards that provides children with an excellent introduction to animals. Each card features a picture of an animal’s head, midsection, and the animal’s tail. Simply match the three sections to complete the puzzle, sharpen hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, and have lots of laughs along the way! The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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JAZZLYNANN C. 11/28/2020

Good value puzzle

Great puzzle pieces, my 20 month old has played with them a lot and they maintain shape. Come in a close able box. I didn’t even see it says 3+ years but she’s able to put the pieces together most of the time

Liz 11/16/2020

Keeps my toddler focused

My 2-year-old has pretty much mastered how to put these puzzles together but she still enjoys doing it and making “animal parades”. They are well made and sturdy. My only complaint is the box it came in is much bigger than it needs to be, and takes up too much storage space.

GoldieH 10/26/2020

Good learning toy

Good quality puzzles that help tots develop fine motor and cognitive skills.

Asif R. 10/09/2020


It is very good for kids to learn and match my daughter love it

Devyn 10/07/2020

Kids love them

I bought these looking for an introductory puzzle for my daughter. Both of my kids absolutely love them.

MRA 09/24/2020

Lo que esperaba!

Me encantaron las imágenes! Excelentes rompecabezas

emely 09/18/2020

Buy it!

Worth it!!!! The color of the pictures are so vivid! My two years old love it.

Tiffany 09/16/2020


Perfect for my toddler! She loves them!

amanda rae riffee 09/05/2020

Learning puzzle

Perfect for toddlers to learn puzzles and animals!

Natalia Reyes H 08/31/2020

didáctico y divertido

A mi hijo de dos años le encanta, muy buena calidad

MellowFace 08/10/2020

Great Learning Tool

Love it! Great learning tool plus helps with kid's working with their hands to manipulate objects.

Shaun 08/07/2020

Perfect for toddlers

Cute! Perfect for little ones 2.3-4 to start learning puzzles

Felipe 07/28/2020


Excellent product I highly recommend

Lily 07/23/2020

Good for toddlers

Gud for my 2yr old

Pablo P 07/23/2020


I have a 2 year old (just turned two) and he LOVED it! I only have 3 to 5 at a time available for him:) the pics a great and quality TOO. amazing value and (in my opinion and experience) very montessori ;)

Mary Auer 07/15/2020

Grandbaby Loves These

She learned quickly how to put them together and chooses them from her shelf to put together again.

Lindsey j. Beaner 07/13/2020

Great puzzle!

Awesome!!!! Great for my 2 1/2 yr old.

Bruno martins 07/10/2020

Great product!

Great product. My child really enjoyed it and it is just the right challenge.

Kellie 06/29/2020

Great puzzle for toddler

I bought it for my 27months old toddler. It is good puzzle to work on her attention span and learn the animal's name.

Bobby Soper 06/29/2020

my daughter loves them

my daughter loves these, easy to play with.

Eva 06/13/2020

Good print but animals are not my type

Bought this for my LO who is 16m. He is very interested in the puzzle and animals, so I think he likes them. But it’s a bit thin than I thought, and the animal set is not really my cut of tea ( we love elephant, tiger, and monkey, but as shown in picture they didn’t appear). And there just 19 animals in my package, maybe it’s someone returned, so I return it.

mruck 06/07/2020

these are great for the money

I didnt realize how big each puzzle actually is, so 20 of them for about $10 is a great deal! they are made of sturdy cardboard and have glossy pictures on the front. They measure slightly larger than a large index card for each one. The pieces are also not interchangeable between each puzzle, so they only work with their own picture.

Ruby Rubio 06/02/2020


Me encantó este producto, trae muchísimos rompecabezas, son de cartón plastificado muy grueso, se ven super resistentes. El tamaño de cada rompecabezas es el adecuado y las imágenes de una calidad excelente.

Haley 05/30/2020

Great puzzle for a wide range of age and ability!

These are great cards! These can be used in a classroom or home setting! There are so many adaptations that make this perfect for 2-6 year olds! My 2 year old loves adding the third piece to two that are already put together. They are beautifully realistic photos too!

Susana Anacleto-Lupianez 05/27/2020

Love it

Great activity for our 2.5 year toddler. Awesome animal selection and picture quality. The cardboard pieces are sturdy enough to last.

Rajat M. 02/08/2020

Good activity for toddler

Excellent activity for our baby. However the pieces have started to come apart after 1 month of usage.

NJ 12/22/2019

Puzzle provides opportunity for learning

The box has been great for my two year old. I rotate the puzzles as it can be overwhelming for her when they are all out. I give her two and keep them on her shelf for a few days. We discuss the animal, it’s parts and practice putting the puzzles together. We mix and match to form new animals. It’s hard for her to put the pieces together but that’s okay as they are great for conversation.

Mario A. Rodríguez 12/04/2019

Educativo y creativo

Lo tengo aun para regalo de esta navidad.

Captain 11/21/2019

Excellent gift for little kids.

Gift purchase. Quality materials. Very satisfied with this product.

Al 11/17/2019



Lilly 08/10/2019

It was okay

I thought the puzzle was thin. I wanted it to be chunky. It would’ve be easier to grab chunky. Cute pics on the pieces.

Brian 07/14/2019

Buy it

My daughter loves these

barbara munro 05/29/2019

My granddaughter's love this

My two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughters love this puzzle. I still have to guide them a bit but they are getting really good at it. It's probably geared for a three year old. I would recommend this product

AL 02/03/2019

Few times later she is bored of this card

Few times she did and not interested in it anymore

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