Match It! Garden Patch

Play It! Garden Patch

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Kids will be "growing" their counting and memory skills with this action-packed game! Includes 4 colorful garden game boards, plant and weed cards, and rake cards. Simply place all the cards face down and each player will take turns flipping over to find one card that matches the "Count on Your Garden" game boards. Place the correct card in the garden and if a weed is selected, place it in the garden until a rake card is selected to "rake away" the weed. Be the first one to fill your board and win the game! Up to four players, ages 3+ years.

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Dominique 10/15/2020


We love this game! It helps to introduce and reinforce taking turns, and my now 4 year old loves playing. One of my friends had brought hers over for a playdate, and it was such a hit that I got one for our family.

Liz Baldwin 05/11/2020

Good game

Purchased as a gift for my nephew. He had a lot of fun with it and the game is pretty easy to understand. I will say that it's a game you'll have to put away and bring back out after a little bit of time because isn't something he wanted to play over and over again.

Mai 04/07/2020

It’s fun and well worth the price.

My son actually love this game and I enjoy playing with him too especially during this quarantined time.

Ami 03/01/2020


My students loved playing this game! Great for helping them learn and have fun

Thad Littrell 01/08/2020


My students love this game

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