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Expanding memory and object recognition skills in a young child will help prepare them for their school years yet to come. My First Memory Game is a great educational tool designed to help build these skills prior to the start of their formal school years. Learn about Farm Animals as children match the pictures together using these fun cards. The fun, happy animal pictures are illustrated in a way to keep children engaged in the learning process. Each My First Memory Game- Farm includes 20 matching memory cards. Ages 2+ years. 

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Nicole Feeney 01/24/2023

Farm fun!

This is Liam’s first matching game and it definitely doesn’t disappoint! He loves farm animals as we have a farm across the street from us, so it’s been a hit for sure! He loves the colorful bright pictures and I love that the cards are a decent size - not too big and not too small. My favorite part is that Liam sits and identifies each card, then hunts around to find the match and gets so excited when he does it. This is great for animal recognition, colors, and turn taking. Perfect for young children and school age kids! My husband and I enjoy playing it with Liam as well.

Rebecca Newberry 10/07/2022

If you have a little one who loves farm animals then you need th

If you have a little one who loves farm animals then you need this matching game.<br /> <br /> We absolutely love how sturdy these games by The Learning Journey are, they’re so well made and perfect for our heavy handed kiddos, I feel like they’ll last a long time.<br /> My youngest (22months) absolutely loves farm animals and imitates their noises whenever she see a picture of one. <br /> <br /> She may not quite understand the exact rules of the game but turning the cards over works on her motor skills and sounding out the animal noises is helping develop her speech.<br /> <br /> My 5 year old has been enjoying this one too, you can never be to old for farm animals!!

Alinda W 04/26/2022

perfect size and beautiful colors

These are perfect size for my toddler to use. Very sturdy and does not bend, which means 'No flipping to the floor or all over when trying to turn them over. The colors are nice and vibrant too. She is having so much fun with this memory game.

Pallavi 01/10/2022

So sturdy

These cards are fantastic! They are super sturdy and the images are beautiful. You can easily tell what animal is what. My little one loves playing with it

Tatiana 08/05/2020


My daughter played a memory game with her cousins and had a hard time being patient when waiting on her turn. When we got this game and played as a family, she remembered she needed to be patient and wait her turn. She also learned that it takes time to find the matching pieces, watching her think and get excited when finding a match was priceless.

Crystal 07/13/2020

Great for Cognitive Development

This product hits many areas for the cognitive development of a child. They are learning matching, labeling animals and identifying the sounds they make, categorizing which animals have 2 legs and which have four, and of course working on their memory skills. The children in our class had fun discovering knew ways to learn with this game.

Ally Carswell 06/01/2020

Good quality product

This product was in good condition, but my children did not find it as engaging as their other memory games. I thought my 2 year old would love it, but she will barely play for a couple of minutes. Perhaps it is just my kids though.

Kathy 12/30/2019

Perfect gift for my 3 year old grandson

My grandson loved this game

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