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Lace It! Lacing Cards - On the Go

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Over, under, around and through! – these are essential fine motor movements that children need to master. Develop writing skills, improve concentration, and explore different modes of transportation that will take your little one on an adventure with the Lace It! On the Go Lacing Cards. Your child will be inspired by the colors and shapes of the rocket, airplane, train, submarine, and car cards. The laces offer soft and interesting texture plus the challenge of weaving them into the holes outlining each card. The Lace It! On the Go Lacing Cards can also be a tool to teach your little one how to lace and tie their shoes. They even make a great party activity and take-home gift! Teachers, parents, and kids adore the fun assortment of durable cards and lacing activity.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years

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