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Children will learn all about the world around them as they experience the Discovery Card  Out & About set. The set features 26 double sided cards incorporating real photos and fun, fact filled Discovery  Tips that parents and teachers can use to broaden and enhance the learning experience of the object on the front of the card. Whether you are "Out & About" your neighbor, these educationally loaded Discovery Cards are a great teaching tool for everyone to use! Ages 2+ years. 

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Lavetta 11/19/2021


These cards helps kids to understand things around them . Each card has a picture and fun fact about the subject matter . Kids began to be excited about learning . “Hey I know what that is !” And yes they will . These are real pictures and great to review with your child , so fun !

Cee Buchanan 12/01/2020

Fabulous large, thick , real life picture cards, highly recommen

Got these as a gift for my son with autism. These cards are absolutely great. Very large and thick and all are REAL pictures like as if you took a photo of a house or a dog laying in grass, etc. The in and about cards are more realistic concepts to daily living but the out and about cards are great as well and mostly nature related. I would recommend these, they are very thick and sturdy, large and vibrant REAL life picture cards.

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