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Enjoy two fun-filled playtime activities in one! Find It! ABC combines a puzzle and game into one highly educational, interactive learning experience. The Find It! series teaches children all about the ABCs. First, assemble the puzzle, then play the game by finding the images on the puzzle border with the puzzle image. Each 50-piece puzzle measures a giant 3’ x 2’! Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Abby Fishman, Pediatric Occupational Therapist 02/15/2023

Favorite Puzzle

Love this puzzle. Firstly it is so visually inviting for children. The colors and pictures and size of puzzle pieces make it a go to puzzle for young children. I love that the perimeter of the puzzle has the alphabet, which is accompanied by a picture, which the child has to find in the puzzle. This addresses many visual skill including, visual scanning and visual attention. Parents and teachers can also go through the fun pictures and ask the child to point to which letter of the alphabet it starts with.

Carolina 03/14/2021

Great puzzle for kids to learn!

My daughter loves to assemble it, it is very easy for her, as the each piece puzzle is enough big for her, she is doing it one time, another time, until she is tired, I think this is a great way for kids to learn their first years, definitely I love and I m pretty sure my daughter too.

tidydad 12/14/2020

Fun Puzzle, Letter Activity, Search-in-Find, All in 1!

I love that this puzzle lets my daughters practice their fine motor and visual motor skills to build the puzzle, and then also teaches alphabet letter review skills, and lets my daughters engage in a fun search-and-find activity! So many fun activities all in one!

Kimiko 07/15/2020


My first impression – HUGE!!! Each puzzle piece is big that makes easier for my daughter to put them together. She doesn’t quite know the letters but the picture next to the alphabet helps her finding the right letter faster. I put puzzle together with my daughter for the first couple of days but now she is able to put this together all by herself and she sings “ABC” song after putting the puzzle together. This now became our night time activity before she goes to bed every night.

TDD 01/15/2020

Good interactive puzzle

My son loves this puzzle! It's 2 games in one.

fishfearme 11/13/2018

This is a big puzzle

I like the box and I like the puzzle. Box is durable and there are several things to do after the puzzle is assembled.I'm looking forward to spending time with my Granddaughter with this puzzle

Saud A. 12/25/2016

Five Stars


Mary E Rowe 08/02/2016

Five Stars

the 4 and 6 year olds both love this puzzle

lina 07/08/2016

This is a nice size floor puzzle and quite sturdy too

This is a nice size floor puzzle and quite sturdy too. The grandkids have a lot of fun with it.

Nancy Giles 05/06/2016

Five Stars

Great, great learning toy. My toddler wants to do this puzzle over and over.

EBD 04/26/2016

Another great Learning Journey Puzzle

My 2.5 year old daughter loves puzzles, and Learning Journey never disappoints. She also loves matching the alphabet tiles to the puzzle design once she completes the puzzle. Great 2 for 1! Highly recommend.

Mum 03/05/2016

My kids LOVE these puzzles

My kids LOVE these puzzles. Big beautiful pictures and excellent quality.We've had these puzzles for almost a year and only just seeing peeling on edges now - used multiple times a week!

Bjunk 02/22/2016

Love the puzzle but it was missing 3 pieces upon ...

Love the puzzle but it was missing 3 pieces upon arrival. Would be a 5 if it had all the pieces. I hope the learning journey returns my phone call. Just received today. Bummer

Honest Shopper 12/29/2015

More than a puzzle.

My almost 3 year old received this for Christmas. She has wanted to play with it everyday since. She needs help of course, but the puzzle pieces are large and simple for her to maneuver. I'll show her where it belongs and she can fit it into place without help. The game is simple and she loves trying to find the different pictures throughout the puzzle. Her attention span is still developing so I can see this holding her interest for many years to come. At this point she will complete most of the puzzle with help before losing interest and she will find almost half the letters and correlating pictures before loosing interest. I assume there will come a day where she will be able to do it all on her own from start to finish.So far this puzzle game is doing exactly what I had hoped. Keeping her interest, sparking her imagination, reinforcing letter recognition, and problem solving.The quality of the puzzle is exceptional. And the price is impressive. They could easily get away with charging more and it would still be worth it.

The Wired Knot 04/09/2015

Five Stars

My 4 year old loves these giant puzzels!

Mrs. Robinson 02/11/2015

I do not know if the students in the pre-kinder ...

I do not know if the students in the pre-kinder ESL have started using the game yet. The teacher does have students that need a puzzle this challenging because they have the understanding and a visual ability to complete a puzzle this difficult. If you take look at this puzzle it will take a 5 almost 6 year a bit to complete and that is why she puts puzzles on trays so the student can come back to it at another time. She believes the student needs to learn to complete some center tasks they first attempt. ( of course, after students complete large puzzles and once- then- twice they almost complete them with their eyes closed. To them that is part of the fun) The parents and teacher are proud its learning.

NoVaPowerPlay 10/23/2013

High quality great puzzle

I was impressed by the thickness/glossiness/quality of this puzzle for the price. Great value and educational too. The "extra" game is not very impressive/enthralling but thats not why I bought it.

Ani22 02/25/2013


Brought this for my son as he had another another of The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles, which he got as a present. He absolutely loved that one so i decided to get him this one. I know it seems quite pricey for a jigsaw puzzle but the pieces are very solid, well made and a really good size for small children.

QuestMiller 02/28/2011

ABC Floor Puzzle

I got this for my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter who loves puzzles. She needed help the first few times, but now can figure it out by herself. It's great watching her work out where the pieces go. After she's done, we "work" on finding where the letters go. It keeps her busy for an hour at a time. It's a fun learning toy for anyone who works it with her. I highly recommend it!

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