My First Big Floor Puzzle Silly Shark

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My First Big Floor Puzzles are classic shaped puzzles that will delight and entertain all ages. Kids will be fascinated as they piece together the puzzle of their magical and enchanting silly shark friend. They will learn as they build from piece to piece, sparking their interest and improving their concentration skills. The beautifully illustrated My First Big Floor Puzzles will keep your child engaged and is the perfect activity with play mates, too. The puzzle is made up of twelve large shaped puzzle pieces and is an excellent way to develop tactile and problem-solving skills. This puzzle measures approximately 24’’ X 18’’. Ages 2+ years.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Sarah Wagner 01/24/2021

Shark Puzzle

My littles love this puzzle. Not only is it a fun and engaging way to start conversations and build on language skills, we like that the puzzle pieces are big enough for little hands. My oldest enjoyed this puzzle very much as he concentrated on finding just the right pieces to complete the shark. A great activity to complete independently or with a friend. We love the giant pieces, fun design and great quality!

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