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It's a great big world out there and the Find It! World puzzle will introduce your Preschoolers to our continents, oceans, and more. Kids will learn all about geography as they piece together this giant 50 piece puzzle. Once assembled, the border contains an additional game of finding its images within the puzzle. The puzzle measures 36” long x 24” high. Ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Wendy Melgar 07/02/2023

Great teaching tool!

Perfect tool to introduce our curious 4 year old to our continents, oceans, and more. Large and super details. Colorful and good quality!

Ciara Burnett 06/06/2023

Amazing puzzle!

I love how this doubles as a puzzle and a “find it” game! I use this in my first grade classroom and it promotes collaboration and group work.

Ashley M 10/13/2022

Great puzzle!

Love this puzzle for my 4 year old as he’s started learning the continents! I also love how the continents are color coded to help him distinguish between them.

Sai 06/21/2022

World puzzle with monuments & animals

My 5 years old love the puzzle. The giant puzzle pieces are easy to hold and fix. Fits well. The best thing is we can set it on any floor carpet or wood. The puzzle pieces have monuments children can learn about new places and particular animals on the particular continent. Worth it for kids.

Sammy 04/13/2022

Easy and Informative

Personally I love this puzzle. I wanted to teach my son about continents. This puzzle makes learning very easy and interesting.<br />

Kushal Marripalepu 03/31/2021

Very Good learning puzzle

Lovely product to know the countries<br /> The pieces are well cut and exactly fit the place. <br /> It's so colorful, educational and easy to ensemble

Jennifer Dawes 03/12/2021

Fun puzzle for assembly and play

This is such a fun puzzle to start teaching about the globe. Our 4 year olds love eye spy books. Once we had the puzzle put together it was added fun to then play eye spy games.

Rita 02/09/2021

Great for learning about the continent and Oceans

We Absolutely love this puzzle. This is a fun way to learn about our continent and Ocean. The puzzle pieces are very color and beautiful . Most of all, I enjoyed watching my kids play while learning at the same time. This puzzle helps with team work and with thinking skills. Highly-recommend

Ashourina 01/21/2021

Large & Colorful Puzzle

This was such a fun puzzle! I loved putting it together with my three year old daughter. The pieces are nice and sturdy and great for little hands! She enjoyed searching for the different images on the border of map once we put it all together. Loved that it was a two in one activity!

Jane 01/19/2021

Great educational puzzle

This puzzle is big and colorful! My kids (4 and 6 years old) like lo play with it. It has a lot of details like animals, famous sights. The big bonus is a search and find game (puzzle has different objects on the edges that child should find on the map). Great way to introduce to the world map, learn about continents, oceans.

Alyssa Campos 01/16/2021

Big colorful puzzle with fun activity!

Absolutely love this puzzle. It's. fun way to learn about our continents and with great images of things found on those continents. Large pieces so it was easy for my little guy to hold and shift to fit the pieces together. His favorite part was that once done building we got to play a "Find It" game on the cool images that border the puzzle. Highly recommend : )

Stephanie 01/15/2021

World Puzzle!

We LOVE this World Puzzle! I've been teaching my daughter the Oceans and Continents, so I thought this puzzle would be a perfect resource! I love that each puzzle piece is very large to help guide her. The border of the puzzle also has a game that we play to find the pictures within the puzzle. So glad we got this!

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