Lift & Learn Continents & Oceans Puzzle

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Little explorers can travel the continents and oceans as they piece together this chunky map of the world. Children will be encouraged to develop fine motor and problem-solving skills that will help them get ready for school and learn about geography. Pictures are also printed under the pieces to guide younger children. 22-piece puzzle. Ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Gia Stamati 02/19/2023

Great puzzle to learn Geography

My daughter is in love with geography, I decided to get her this puzzle and I don’t regret it! It helps her travel/learn the continents and the oceans! The quality is excellent, the pieces are chunky and easy to put it together.

Saira 02/08/2023

Continents puzzle for kids

My child is a huge fan of the puzzle. This continent puzzle helped him to learn the continents and why the pacific ocean appeared twice and the aquatic animals in the particular ocean.

Pratibha 02/06/2023

Great puzzle

Such an amazing puzzle!! It helps my kid to learn about the continents and oceans..

Wendy Melgar 01/31/2023

LOVE it!!!

Amazing quality, colorful and fun. Perfect to get your little ones excited about learning. My 3 year old loves puzzles and now we are learning about world and different continents. <br /> <br />

Alinda W 10/14/2022

Love it

We love puzzles, so I always try to get puzzles that are educational. These are perfect. We are currently studying the continents and oceans so this also came in the perfect time. love it.

Basma Botros 10/13/2022

Learning through play

I received this in exchange for an honest review. This puzzle was perfect to offer a learning through play option for my homeschooled kids. My 3.5 and 5 year old loved putting the pieces together!

Jamie R. 11/25/2021

We love our continent & ocean puzzle!

From the moment I set this puzzle out my son was very engaged. He loved all the different and bright colors, he loved following the borders of each content as he was trying to place the puzzle pieces. The material is very durable and is the perfect homeschooling addition when teaching about continents and oceans.

Jasmin V 11/22/2021

Perfect for teaching

This is a great beginning world map puzzle for my 2 year old. Was able to begin teaching her where all continents and oceans are. She loved putting puzzles pieces on and off and tried to figure out where they went based on their color.

Jennifer Dawes 03/12/2021

Fun and colorful

This is such a colorful and fun puzzle. The color-coordinated continents made teaching so much fun.

Keerthana 03/04/2021

Best way to teach kids

My elder one is 3 years old and this is the perfect way to teach her the world map. This lift and learn concept has really helped my kids development skills. This is also a great way to teach my younger kid who is 2 years old to build his motor skills, thinking and hand coordination. This world map is bright and the colors helped my 3 year old to easily match the continents where they belong.

J Jackson 01/24/2021

Great learning tool

We love doing puzzles at our house and we explore that this can double as a learning tool. We are homeschooling so this puzzle has added an educational element to our lessons on the world. The puzzle is great and it also has the printed picture under for easy recognition.

STEPHANIE 01/22/2021

Learning all about the world

I love this puzzle! It is great quality and the pictures are beautiful. It is a wonderful tool to introduce the world to my little one. To learn all about the oceans and continents. We will be using this puzzle for many years to come!

Ashley McNeil 01/16/2021

Great interactive learning puzzle!

I enjoy doing puzzles with my toddler son and I love how he can learn the continents and oceans while also putting the puzzle together.

Stephanie 01/15/2021

Continents & Oceans Puzzle

I love this Continents & Oceans Puzzle! My daughter is 3 and I've just started teaching her about the Continents. This is great because the pieces are chunky which is great for her fine motor skills! I also love that the pictures are printed under the pieces to help guide her!

D brennen 01/12/2021

Such a wonderful learning tool

I absolutely love this puzzle. It is so colorful, fun, and so easy for my daughter to hold and place in. I can hear her saying the continents as she’s putting them in. We are a huge fan of hands on learning and I would definitely recommend this!

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