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Kids can use their own x-ray vision to look inside the human body with this fun and colorful multi-layer puzzle. As you peel away the top layer of the puzzle, kids will be introduced to the body’s organs and muscles. The next layer unveils the skeletal system. In addition to teaching about basic anatomy, this toy also promotes hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play. 28-piece puzzle measures 15” x 11” (38.1cm x 27.94cm). Ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Fernanda C 06/06/2023

An amazing addition to my preschool homeschool supplies!

My 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old both love using this puzzle. They love to uncover the different layers and invites them to ask and learn about the human anatomy. Perfect for educational play!<br />

Aaliyah M 02/16/2023

Aaliyah’s toy review

Aaliyah absolutely loves this puzzle. She named all the body parts and kept putting the bodies together over and over again. This puzzle gave her a realistic glimpse of what our insides look like especially our organs. 10/10 Recommend!

Tara 02/08/2023

Very educative

This set will help toddlers learn more about their body parts, my 2-year-old is having fun while learning... I love how realistic it is.

Pratibha 02/06/2023

So neet and perfect

This puzzle is so amazing and it has each and every thing the kid should learn..<br /> Perfect for preschoolers..<br /> Love this puzzle.

Prashanth 02/06/2023

Easy way to learn parts of our body! Loved it!

Easy to teach kids about our body parts. The first layer is the appearance of the human body from the outside. The second layer shows internal body parts are exactly where is located in our body like the heart, liver, lungs, kidney, all nerves, flesh, etc. The third layer shows bones, a skull, and the overall skeleton of a human. My son was very curious about all parts of our bodies. It's a hard cardboard puzzle. Colour of organs are bright and attractive. Loved it!

Kayla R 02/01/2023

A Great Addition to Our Homeschool

We got this Lift & Learn Inside of Me puzzle for our 4 year old.<br /> <br /> I am currently homeschooling 3 out of 4 of my children and we are studying the human body this year. This puzzle has been a great addition to our school days. <br /> <br /> My preschooler can now easily identify several body parts during our lessons thanks to the wonderfully illustrated pieces. <br /> <br /> The pieces are durable and the perfect size for little hands.

Nicole Feeney 01/24/2023

Them bones and bones and more!

This has been Liam’s favorite puzzle thus far. We loved the layers and showing what is underneath our clothes and skin. He was so excited to see the bones, what they look like and how they shape our body. The muscles and organs were fun to show him as well. He was able to identify the heart, lungs and stomach. This puzzle is great quality and it’s like getting a couple puzzles in one! He enjoyed taking it apart, putting it back together, and had fun challenging himself to learn new parts of the body. My husband and I are nurses, and Liam having undergone multiple open heart surgeries, he definitely understood where his scar is and what is underneath it. It was eye opening for us and made us proud! This puzzle engaged him to have conversations about his heart, surgery, and all the wonderful things his body is capable of!

Danielle Bernard 10/13/2022

Such a fun puzzle!

I got this for us to use during homeschooling and it has been sooo good! My 8 year old has been so curious about what everything is called and this puzzle has really simplified it all for us! It’s also really fun because of the layers!

NamiAyah 10/11/2022

Perfect Puzzle

Perfect puzzle for learning the anatomy of the human form. The pieces are perfect for correct placement and understanding what each part is.

Ashley Dougherty 10/07/2022

Super cool layered puzzle

This puzzle is awesome! My kids are all about learning about their bodies and this shows what is inside. Super cool layers!

Samantha La Flamme 10/03/2022

Perfect for homeschool!

My daughters love this puzzle and the fact it has 3 layers! They loved learning about the body and being able to have a hands on learning toy! Highly recommend this fun puzzle!

Julia Wentzel 09/28/2022

Perfect for Preschoolers!

This is a great educational puzzle for older toddlers and preschoolers. The pieces are colorful and very durable. I love that it is a layering puzzle which makes it a little easier for young children to understand the concept. This would make a great addition to any classroom or playroom!

Stephanie Farthing 09/26/2022

Absolutely amazing!

My daughter absolutely loves it. This was a very easy and fun way to learn about human body. These puzzles kept her engaged for hours, learning while playing, what can be better?

Mandy 06/26/2022

So fun!

My 3 year old loves this puzzle! I love the details on this puzzle! It is also fun for me (being a nurse) to be able to teach her with this puzzle!

Hannah 06/20/2022

Fantastic Puzzle for little learners

This is such a fantastic puzzle for my five year old who is interested in learning about the body! It's a multi-layer puzzle for hands-on learning! Very sturdy cardboard material. We are thrilled with this puzzle. I received this puzzle for free in exchange for my honest review, and we honestly love it!

Ashley 06/20/2022

Great tool for learning early anatomy!

I received this product from TLJI for my little one and he is enjoying it! I really like how he can use his puzzle solving skills while also learning about the human body. My only suggestion is to make one of the kid skeletons a person of color so that my son could see the outside of the skeleton that looks like him :)

CJ Keller 06/18/2022

Great Puzzle that Spans Across Ages

I am excited to have gotten to review this puzzle for The Learning Journey because it's one that I would highly recommend for young kids as well as upper elementary-age children. It's a super fun, hands-on way to learn about basic body parts and clothing for little ones and as you peel back the layers, older kids can use it to learn about body systems. The layering is very intriguing to our kids and it's a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Momnest20 05/01/2022

Very useful for preschooler

It's came with 3 layers. And perfect for preschooler to learn about body parts. Fun way to learn. It's keep kids busy long time travel. Very useful.

Alinda W 04/28/2022

Love it.

This is a fun way to learn about the body and what it looks like from inside out. I use with both my 8yr old and 2yr old, but I think my 2yr old think it's hers ????. she loves it. Nice and durable, easy to work with.

Samantha 04/23/2022

My daughter loves it !

This multi layer puzzle is so awesome. My daughters love to play with this. And it helps me to teach them about all the parts of the body! It’s educational and fun.

Shelby Whitney 04/18/2022

Love this science puzzle!

I was so excited to receive our Lift and Learn Human Body Puzzle. My daughter is four and very curious about how the human body works. She immediately opened the puzzle and exposed the multiple layers showing the muscles, organs, nerves, and bones. It was great because she is now at the age where this puzzle wasn’t too complex for her to do by herself and still learn without getting frustrated. I can’t wait to reference this puzzle to help answer questions or pair it with our body books!

Taylor 04/17/2022

So neat!

These are so educational and really show kids a visual of what our body is made of! So amazing.

Wendy M 04/12/2022

For the future doctors

My 3 year old daughter loves playing doctor. This puzzle is PERFECT for all the kids interested learning more about the human body. Very kid friendly and playful!

Ana Hernandez 04/11/2022

Fun way to learning about the body

This is a fun and easy way to educate kids on the human body. It is a cute and non scary way to illustrate all the different organs that make up a body. It’s a really cute puzzle to educate little ones.

Ana Hernandez 04/07/2022

Great way to learn about the human body

My daughter really enjoyed this puzzle. She is 7 and she had fun learning about the human body. I definitely recommend. I think it also makes a great addition to a classroom.

Randhi Perera 03/30/2022

Amazing Body Puzzle

My 4 year old is so fascinated by body parts, skeletons and internal organs and I was trying to find a good puzzle for her and found this. She absolutely loves it and this kept her occupied for a few hours. A must have for little kids.

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