Long & Tall Puzzles Up in the Air

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The sky's the limit! Kids will fly through learning as they discover things you find up in the sky in the Long and Tall Up in the Air puzzle. With 51 pieces and measuring 5 feet tall, Up in the Air will take kids to the moon and back with fun illustrations that depict aircrafts, spacecrafts, and other kinds of flying crafts. With lots to discover and talk about, your little ones will be engaged for hours. Ages 3-6 years. 


Saira 11/10/2023

Air transportation puzzle

My kid loves puzzle . We enjoyed setting this 5 feet puzzle which has different vehicles under air transportation. We discussed many things about them and when they are used and who uses them.

Bella Sofia 06/13/2023

Beautiful puzzle

My son and daughter loved this. It kept them busy and they had so much fun putting it all together

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