Puzzle Doubles - Giant ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzles

Puzzle Doubles - Giant ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzles

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Two, 5-foot long, 30-piece colorful cargo train puzzles!  One teaching color, counting and number recognition and one teaching the alphabet. Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Mrs. Daniel 07/18/2016

Educational and Fun

My son received this as a gift when he was two and he loves both puzzles! The numbers puzzle is great because it shows the number of animals on the top, as well as arranging the number in dots on the bottom (in groups of 5). I love seeing the representation of the numbers in two formats, because this is part of building their numerical foundation. As a first grade teacher, my students learn how to skip count in groups of 2, 5 and 10. This puzzle implants that idea at a young age. Love this product!

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