Puzzle Doubles - Glow In The Dark - Dino

Puzzle Doubles! Glow In The Dark! Dino

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With Puzzle Doubles! Glow in the Dark- Dino puzzle, learning about these extinct animals has never been so much fun! After assembling this 100-piece puzzle, turn off the lights and watch it glow in the dark! Puzzle Doubles!  Glow in the Dark! puzzles are a fun way to expand your knowledge or different environments. Your child will be amazed by the lively illustrations and prehistoric skeletons! This puzzle measures a giant 3’ x 2’! Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Tammy 08/12/2022


So excited about the ís puzzle. Ready to build this weekend and can’t wait

Edward Caldera 06/30/2021


It should be an awesome puzzle, but when my step son put the puzzle together for the first time 1 piece was missing.. what a let down!!

Ultbruin 12/24/2020

It actually glows!!

Fun puzzle to do as a family or individually. Love how it glows! We did it on a dark gloomy day so we used flashlights to energize the puzzle :)

A mom/ Michelle 12/21/2020

Great dinosaur graphic puzzle.

Puzzle pieces are very durable and the graphics are Dino lovers approved. The glow isn’t as bright as I would like but not sure if my son’s room is dark enough either.

Lysette 09/22/2020

Awesome Glow In The Dark!

My kids just Love puzzles and dinosaurs! So, obviously, this was a hit at our home! But what made this puzzle even more awesome was the fact that it glows in the dark! Very cool. It's definitely a favorite in our house!

Jane 08/05/2020


My son loves puzzles! So he definitely loved this one. He enjoyed putting it together. He was even more excited to see it glow in the dark because of the skeletons! The pieces are huge which is great for toddlers.

YESSMEJIA 12/26/2019

Wonderful Puzzle

This was gifted for my 5 year old daughter who loves puzzles. The pieces are sturdy and very nicely detailed. Only downside is that there are 100 pieces and they aren't as big as advertised, so my child couldn't really finish the whole thing on her own because she got overwhelmed.

Audrey 01/17/2019

Great puzzle for littles

This is awesome! Going to glue it and put it on the wall!

Catherine A. Thomas 12/28/2018

Put this together then get under a blanket to see it glow in the

My 4 year old grandson loves this puzzle!

Karen Hickey 08/23/2018

Great Fun

Neice loves this puzzle. We put a blanket over her head and it glows in the dark. It's pretty big and not easy, but a fun challenge

Mick 08/08/2018

Muy Hermoso

a mi hijo le gusto mucho y con el efecto de brillo en la oscuridad, aun mas.

don crease 04/17/2018

kids love it. little expensive but a great toy

kids love it. little expensive but a great toy.

Johnathon Seely 04/05/2018

Very well made

I can’t even tell you how much my son loves this puzzle! He’s four but is a little advanced when it comes to puzzles. This kept his attention and he LOVED seeing it glow when he was finished. It was such a great reward for him at the end! The pieces are thick and well made, which is wonderful considering my one year old tried to chew on them a few times.

Pat K 01/27/2018

Quality shines through.

My kid loves these big floor puzzles, and this one is awesome!! Thick pieces, shiny, lasts quite a while even when putting it through the test of four year olds, teens and dogs walking on it. Got any more?

Pleslie 01/10/2018

Nice puzzle. This was a gift for my nephew ...

Nice puzzle. This was a gift for my nephew who loves dinosaur's. Does glow in the dark but was not as bright as expected.

Amanda 01/09/2018

Nice concept but it could glow better

I bought one for each of my nieces and nephews (between ages 3-4) for Christmas as it looked really interesting. Overall the puzzle was enjoyable for the kids. With an adult assisting they each did well putting them together. The one main disappointment I found with the puzzles is that they don't glow in the dark as well as they are advertised, even after hours of natural and artificial light used to help any glow in the dark item. One of the dinosaurs has a decent glow to it, however the others don't have the same effect.

Sunshine 11/19/2017

Five Stars

My grandson will love this for Christmas

John Harvey 11/17/2017

Five Stars

My son loves this puzzle! We literally do it every night before bed!

TM 08/07/2017

Five Stars

my kid (4) loved it!

MM 06/11/2017

Four Stars

Great fun for kids. The only down side is that the "glow " doesn't "glow ".

Jennelle MacDonald 04/15/2017

But fun puzzle. My 3 yr old likes it

Pieces fit really tight together. Tough to take apart. But fun puzzle. My 3 yr old likes it.

Eunyoung Hur 03/19/2017

They love it. Great

I bought this for my kids . They love it .Great!

Brien 02/26/2017

Five Stars


Kristen Burger 01/22/2017

Fun puzzle. Makes a great gift.

Purchased for a 4-yr old's birthday. He was thrilled!

Heather Clarke 01/02/2017

Five Stars

Loved the fact it glows in the dark

Lexis 12/20/2016

Very nice product, nice color

Very nice product, nice color.Just wonder after turn off the light, how long will it glow in the dark?

Slumber Queen 10/07/2016

A Great Gift!

I bought three of these puzzles to use as gifts and a 3 year old was the first recipient. We were a little concerned that he would be too young to assemble it but his mother said that her son is literally attached to this puzzle. Apparently he takes it to bed with him so that he can play with it as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Also, the sale price was amazing! I will definitely be buying the other puzzles in this series.

Ms. Bailey 08/03/2016

Fun puzzle that's bigger than you think!

I had a great time doing this puzzle with my kid. He loved all the dinosaurs and the fact that it glows in the dark is a bonus! The only complaint I have is some of the pieces were stuck together upon opening the box and ripped a bit when we pulled them apart.

sumo 07/06/2016

Five Stars

Love it

Julie van Egmond 06/21/2016

Four Stars

Fun and age appropriate.

Hiram Houghton 04/27/2016

Five Stars

Kids love it

doru 03/09/2016

kids loved it.

even if is a 100 pieces my kids (3 and 5) loved it...with a little bit of help. It glows in the dark but not very bright.

Robin 02/26/2016

Five Stars

Fantastic puzzle and price. Bought several for gifts.

MLD 01/24/2016

Beautiful puzzle

Beautiful puzzle that is easy for my 2 and 4 yr olds to put together with assistance. And of course the glow in the dark feature is a big bonus.

ACMC 01/20/2016

Parents and Children enjoy together.

This is very cute and something as a parent I enjoy putting together with my child.

J. Weaver 11/05/2015

Glow-in-the-dark aspect is just okay, but it is a great floor pu

This is a good puzzle with large pieces that fit easily together and won't allow a child to really force in pieces that don't fit. When the pieces are linked, the puzzle stays together well and can easily be moved around on the floor. My five year old was able to put it together with minimal help.The dinosaurs on the puzzle look cool enough, but I was a little disappointed in the glow-in-the-dark aspect. While the puzzle does glow, it's not especially bright. We had to shut the bedroom door and wait until nightfall to see any glow. Even residual light coming through the blinds was too much to allow this to glow. When it does glow, you need to be close to it to actually see it. From more than two or three feet away, you can't see the glow at all.Despite the lack of glow, it is kind of cool that the puzzle can be flipped over and kids can color it with crayons. That just adds a dimension. However, you have to be extra careful to make sure that you wipe the laminated surface completely when the kids finish so that you don't end up with the crayon residue being spread all over your floors.

Kerriefamilyshopper 10/19/2015

Five Stars

Huge puzzle pleased with quality wanting to frame for my kids room cute

B. McCarthy 10/07/2015

Nice puzzle

My six year old son loves puzzles and he loves dinosaurs so this was a good fit for him. 100 pieces is a good number - not so few that he's done in a minute, challenging, and not too much that it's just impossible. He did it with his big sisters. It has a nice dinosaur print on it, and it is fun that it glows in the dark. The pieces feel nice and thick. He had fun making it, then we can put it back and make it again. I like that the box has a handle. So many boxes that puzzles come in get ruined so easily, so it was nice that this one was a little nicer. He had fun with the puzzle. Of course puzzles in general are a great activity. It's not the cheapest price for a puzzle, but a lot of these floor puzzles can be expensive. I would recommend this.

Raed Haed 10/07/2015

Very cute and vibrant puzzle.

Very fun and vibrantly colored puzzle. I had my grandchildren put this together and didn't tell them that it glowed in the dark. When they were finished, I turned off the lights and they ooohed and ahhhed. It was a nice surprise for them. The puzzle has 100 pieces and they fit together well.You will need to expose the puzzle to bright light in order to "charge" it up so that it will glow well. But even without the glow in the dark feature, this puzzle is very cute and a lot of fun for the kids to put together.

michael alexander 10/06/2015


What a great puzzle. This puzzle is great for kids of all ages. We put the puzzle together, very easy. Great for small hands as well.This puzzle is a hit with the kids. When your finish turn out the lights it glows in the dark. The kids was amazed. They never had y puzzle that glows in the dark. The puzzle goes back into its own storage.

Ladyfingers 09/15/2015

A Good Puzzle In Many Ways

Learning Journey says this dinosaur puzzle is suitable for children 3 years and up, but it might be challenging for anyone that young. Our three year old needs lots of adult supervision, and we do the puzzle slowly to keep his attention. That said, he's excited every time the puzzle is completed, especially knowing it mysteriously illuminates. We get good glow-in-the-dark results by shining a 100 watt light bulb on the puzzle for about ten minutes. The effect doesn't last a long time, but it's enough to make a little boy very happy.This is a well-made and colorful puzzle. The pieces are durable and fit together well. Although the puzzle is challenging at this age, it's still age-appropriate, especially for toddlers who love dinosaurs. I'd rather get a hard puzzle that can be mastered over time than one that is too easy. There is a coloring activity on the back, but we have never used it. For us, the puzzle's highlights are vivid colors, piecing together dinosaurs while studying them, and the magical experience of seeing their bones glow in the dark.

Lynne Hersh 09/09/2015

Puzzle, Color and Glow in One Box

The age range on this puzzle is 3 - 12. Unless children at the upper age range are developmentally challenged this is not a good choice for an older child. The puzle is nicely packaged and easy to open for youngsters. Small hands will have no trouble handling the pieces and picking up puzzle pieces works on small motor control. Work this puzzle on a board or a collapsed box so it can be flipped over easier when the puzzle is ready to be colored. Children can identify types of dinosaurs and colors as learning extension activities. Forthe value of 3 activities with this puzzle it is a worthy choice for the little dinosaur lover.

N. Beitler 09/07/2015

One of the coolest kids' puzzles I've seen in a while...

This is a pretty neat puzzle! Little kids love dinosaurs, anyway, and putting together a puzzle of them that can actually glow in the dark is really cool! The puzzle has 100 pieces, and the pieces are pretty large. In fact, when this puzzle is fully assembled, it will measure 2' by 3'. This means it has quite a large footprint, so you will need some open floor space or some open table space to accommodate it, and it won't be something that will be left out for very long.I would recommend keeping it in the same box that it came in, as it is just the right size and has a handle to carry it with. The pieces seem sturdy enough to handle a good amount of usage before fraying. Overall, a fun toy for kids. I would say the best age for this puzzle would be 4 years.

Jacob and Kiki Hantla 09/03/2015

Fun Replayable Puzzle With Three Different Images: Bright & Colo

This is a fun puzzle that my kids have already put together twice in the last two days. The colors are brights and the colors of each dinosaurs different enough so that my kids (4 & 7) could piece it together with help without too much frustration. Then, in the dark you get a really bright glow-in-the-dark image of the dinosaur bones. Tha's a nice feature that makes this puzzle extra fun, making them want to "do it again!"On the backside is a black and white design that can be colored. We haven't done it yet, but this will add some additional fun too, making a custom-colored puzzle.

edward m kassirer 06/20/2015

Four Stars

it has sure been a great purchase

Krista 05/24/2015

Four Stars

Could glow a little more.

J. Lint 04/10/2015

Five Stars


djt1953 05/25/2014

Birthday Gift

My grandson loves this puzzle. Fairly easy to put together for a 4 year old and he loves that it glows in the dark.

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