My First Puzzle Sets 4-In-A-Box Puzzles 123

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My First Puzzle Set series are great “starter” puzzles and will help little hands develop fine motor skills. The 4 In A Box 123 introduces numbers as the puzzles progress from 2 pieces to 4 pieces, to 6 pieces to 8 pieces, giving your child the opportunity to grow and develop with the set. The 8-piece puzzle brings the characters from the other three puzzles together into one animated scene with lots to talk about. My First Puzzle Set 4 In A Box 123 is a great way to help your toddler build tactile and problem solving skills. Each puzzle measures approximately 12.5” x 8.5”. Ages 2+ years. 

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Carolina Jaramillo 11/05/2020

Awesome puzzle size

We are in love with these puzzles they are big perfect for my kids little hands the colors are just so vibrant and the design is so much fun! It is a perfect starter for kids!

Donte Gordon 07/07/2020

Toddler approved

Perfect for a 2 year old

Alice 03/17/2019

Well designed.

I was a little concerned my just-turned-3 year old would be too young for this, but he loves it! I love the printing on the back so I know which ones go together, and everyone loves that they’re thick & durable.

tara 12/19/2018

Preschool age

Perfect for my preschoolers.

Kayla 08/23/2018

Did NOT receive the monster theme pack!

I was super disappointed that I didn't get the monster ones that I ordered but my little one doesn't mind the ones that we received. Great quality and puzzles are perfect for age 2-4 maybe 5. My 2.5 year old is putting together the 2 piece, 4 piece and getting close on the 6 piece so I could see her playing with these for another year or so.

Ldft 05/03/2018

They’re great for beginners

My two year old loves these puzzles. They’re great for beginners. There’s a 2, 4, 6 and 8 piece puzzles in the box. There’s numbers on the back of each piece to match them with the correct puzzle.

Beverly Gray 09/25/2017

Five Stars

Gifts she enjoyed very much

Every1sacritic 09/22/2017

Builds confidence while making it progressively more difficult

Nest step puzzles above the wood/peg type for preschoolers. One puzzle has 2 pieces to get the child started and give them confidence. Next puzzle has 3 pieces, next has 4 pieces building the difficulty. Great learning puzzles.

kai 04/12/2017

Picture didn't match puzzle received.

My 2 1/2 year old loves these puzzles. They are a nice step up from the wooden puzzles that you just match the shapes.The only issue I had was that I purchashed the 123 number set. It was pictured as animals in aireplanes. What I actually received was cute monsters. Still cute but not exactly as expected.

Rachel 01/05/2017

Great form my three year old

Great form my three year old. She watches her older brother put together more complicated puzzles but she can't quite keep up. These ones are just the right level for her.

emy 12/30/2016

Five Stars

A great easy first puzzle for toddlers.

CIJIMATT 08/18/2016

The pieces are nice and big for her to work with

My 2 year old likes these. The pieces are nice and big for her to work with.

Ruth 05/11/2016

Charming Challenge

This is a charming gift for a young toddler. The colorful puzzles at different levels are an appropriate challenge for little fingers.

Sunshine 03/18/2016

This is a Great puzzle box

This is a Great puzzle box. My grandson was 19 months old when I gave it to him and he loves it. He can put all the puzzles together all by himself. Thanks for a great product.

michelisima 12/29/2015

Favorite puzzles to date

It's a real struggle to find puzzles that bridge the space between peg puzzles and 12-16 piece jigsaws. These have filled the gap beautifully for us and we'll probably buy more in the series. The images are large enough to be able to point out to a 1-2 year old where s/he can match the different colors or parts of animal faces to one another, and the pieces are sturdy and fit nicely into each other on a flat smooth surface. These little puzzles also do a great job of developing spatial awareness: you may be surprised how quickly your toddler progresses from struggling with the 2 piece to completing the 8 piece puzzle!

CE 10/28/2014

Great starter puzzle for toddlers!

This is definitely not a puzzle set I would have thought about getting for my kids normally. My sister-in-law ended up requesting one like this for her child and it was such a good price and looked like a good product that I bought one for my kids as well. My older child is 4 years old and likes it because it is easy, but he got bored with it after putting the puzzles together twice. My younger child (2 years old) loves this puzzle. It's challenging for him because the pieces can be difficult to actually put together, but not so much that he won't try it again. Every time someone new comes over he has to show it off and see if they will put it together with him. Even if he isn't putting the puzzle together he is usually trying to talk about something on there and learning or reinforcing colors, shapes, numbers, etc. It is a terrific starter puzzle for a 2 year old!

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