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My First Puzzle set series are great “starter” puzzles and will help little hands develop fine motor skills. 4 In A Box Dino introduces fascinating dinosaurs as the puzzles progress from 2 pieces to 4 pieces, to 6 pieces to 8 pieces, giving your child the opportunity to grow and develop with the set. The 8-piece puzzle brings the characters from the other three puzzles together in one animated scene with lots to talk about. My First Puzzle sets are a great way to help your toddler build tactile and problem solving skills. Each puzzle measures approximately 12.5” x 8.5”. Ages 2+ years. 

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Timothy Lemke 12/15/2020

Perfect for little hands.

This is a great gift for young dinasour lover. The sturdiness and thickness makes it great for little hands to put in the right spot.

BAM 12/04/2020

Great puzzles for 2-3 year olds.

These puzzles are awesome. Our son got this when he was two, now a year later it's still one of his favorite activities. Just need to get more varieties!

MSMITH 10/30/2020

Fun Puzzles

My dinosaur loving 3 year old loves these.

Lina Montoya 10/19/2020

Great for small learners

This puzzle is incredible for little hands because it have big pieces and they are only a few pieces that helps children recognize the sequence.

Jithin 09/29/2020

Excellent quality.

Excellent puzzle for a toddler.

Bonniebd 08/24/2020

Great learning toy.

I gave this puzzle to my girlfriends three year old grandson, he loves it, he was putting it together all by himself and I think it’s a good learning toy. She said he plays with it a lot.

CBD 07/12/2020


These are awesome bright colors. These are a little too complex and frustrating for a two year old. So I suggest starting out with the two piece puzzle first and then work your way up to get him used to it. Do not give puzzles all at once otherwise will be huge frustration and fits because will try to put wrong puzzles together LOL my son is better now after having this for a month at putting the two piece puzzle together but the four piece puzzle is still a bit frustrating but he's trying to figure it out.

2 Liter 05/23/2020

Leaning Puzzles

Great daily activity for our daycare kids

B 05/16/2020

The puzzle is nice and durable just feel the puzzles should have

Very easy and colorful

Brian 04/12/2020

Love it so much!

This is the best puzzle we have. It is very well-made. My kid does not like puzzle in general. But he likes this one very much.

kimberly flowers 03/21/2020

Durable for a toddler

My 2yr old grandson love these puzzles they are durable and easy to use

JD Wilson 02/26/2020


Gave as a gift

Micah 01/30/2020

Good product

Good product

brandie 01/08/2020

Big pieces

I like how big the puzzles are, and that they have more pieces but do not jump to much in difficulty

Allis 12/17/2019

Fun puzzle great for multiple ages

My kids love this. It’s great because they are both at different levels so my two year old does the 2-piece puzzle and my 3-year old does the others. It’s good quality and has held up well.

Leslie McRoberts 12/15/2019

Great puzzle!

Great puzzle for kids just starting to learn how to do interlocking puzzles.

Kat 12/15/2019

Pretty good!

Perfect for my 2 year old, has held up well so far

JT 11/11/2019

Great starter set

This set is great to transition kids from wooden puzzles to regular puzzles. My daughter picked it up so quickly and at 2.5 started doing these ones on her own.

stacey mckeon 10/05/2019


Fun puzzle 2 year old Nephew

Cheetahfox 10/03/2019


My son LOVES these puzzles. He loves dinosaurs but he loves (trying) to put them together. I love that they have 4 different ones for the different stages of starting with two pieces and then moving on to 4 and then 6 and then 8.

Leigh-Ann 08/13/2019


Great introduction for toddlers to puzzles.

Barbie doll 7 08/11/2019


Cardboard, but so good for toddler

Marcy Short 06/20/2019

Great early jigsaw puzzle.

Gor this for our daughter when she was about 2.5 and she is still enjoying it at 3. Its a great stepping stone between peg puzzles and true jigsaw puzzles, with four levels of difficulty.

Amy S. Widmer 04/27/2019

Great next step

My two year old daughter loves dinosaurs and puzzles. She was ready for the next step up from the individual puzzle pieces (like in the wooden frame) but many jigsaw puzzles are still too complicated with too many pieces. This is a great next step and she loves all four puzzles! She can do the two-piece and the four-piece independently and can do the two eight-pieces with some assistance. I'm going to order another set for her birthday!

Makeyla 03/28/2019

Durable and a variety of pieces in each puzzle

My 2 year old loves this. She's been playing with it for about a year now. There's a different number of pieces in each puzzle to slowly increase difficulty and they're dinos so... What's not to love?

Laurisa 02/28/2019

Would recommend!

A great jigsaw puzzle for little hands! Easy to sort into the different puzzles because the back is printed with the number (4 for the four piece puzzle, 6 for the six piece, etc.) - this is a fun number recognition activity, too. Would definitely recommend!

Mary Sedlacek 01/15/2019

Perfect for a two year old.

Kids loved them.

denise 01/02/2019


Great self esteem motivator. Not too many pieces for two year old.

Ambra lynn 11/27/2018

Good quality

Our 3yr old just discovered puzzles and this set was perfect for him to start learning with. Very easy, very durable against his baby sister chewing on them, and very colorful to look at! Love it.

RHendricks 07/31/2018

This is a great set! Different levels of difficulty

This is a great set! Different levels of difficulty , and the pieces are numbered on the back with 2, 4, etc. so it’s easy to sort them.I’ll be checking to see if there are other sets. Great preschool set!

MkScrooge 04/11/2018

Four Stars

Very good quality product. My 3yr old son loves it.

Katrina Baral 04/11/2018

Good sizes and easy for the kids to learn how ...

was trying to find puzzles for 5 and 8 pieces but there weren't many to choose from. I am specifically using this in a therapy program based on ABA to teach the kids to do puzzles with five pieces, so we use the six piece puzzle. The kids are more eager to do the vehicle puzzle rather than a toddler picture of a puppy or another animal. Good sizes and easy for the kids to learn how to put puzzle pieces together as it helps their fine motor and visual perception.

J.O 12/22/2017

great quality and price

great quality and price, my son love it... but he is 3 so he can get bored easily now because is too easy for him...

LC 12/02/2017

Five Stars


Sunshine 11/19/2017

Five Stars


Tracey 11/13/2017

Great starter puzzles

To cute and a perfect progression for a child leaning the concept of puzzles.

Karen F. Walker 10/01/2017

My daughter loves these puzzles

This is so fun for my 2.5 yo daughter. She figured it out immediately but she loves these puzzles and has been playing with this set for months now. I will probably get her a new set soon.

Vane-Chan 09/10/2017

We really like these puzzles

We really like these puzzles! There are 4 different puzzles, each one ranging from easy (2 pieces) to Difficult (8 pieces). My toddler loves dinosaurs, so he has fun putting these puzzles together. Highly recommended.

Anonymous 06/23/2017

These are fantastic because there are multiple smaller puzzles i

My Son is 2.5 and loves puzzles, but gets frustrated and wants you to do them for him when working with 15-24 piece ones. These are fantastic because there are multiple smaller puzzles in the box. He is very proud of himself when he finishes them all. A great introduction to puzzles for younger kids!!

Lauren 04/28/2017

Five Stars

My son loves the puzzles!

Jnichole 01/23/2017

My 2 year old loves putting these puzzles together. ...

My 2 year old loves putting these puzzles together. The pieces are large enough for him handle and fit into place.

misslady 01/18/2017

So many to choose from..

Love the grouping. Granddaughter was thrilled.

Nisha 12/11/2016

Great quality, and my 2 yr old daughter loves it!

My 2 year old daughter LOVES these puzzles, we have a few of the 4-in-a-box puzzles from this maker and they're all great. Good quality, they hold up well, and we build them EVERY DAY. She loves them, and can even do them all on her own now. She has a recent interest in dinosaurs and we've purchased her some model ones to play with, so she's even started naming "T-rex" or "Stegasauras" when building these. I would definitely recommend, so great for a toddler's intellectual development!

thomas wayne reynolds 12/08/2016

Five Stars

Love love love this book!

Raven Williams 10/23/2016

Five Stars

My son loves these puzzles

Deb F 09/30/2016


Our 2 1/2 year old grandson LOVES to play with these, puts them together several times a week when he keeps Pappy busy for Grandma.

Plr 08/12/2016

Four Stars

Awesome gift.

Kate C 07/28/2016


My two and half year old loves these puzzles! We actually jumped right to the 6 piece one. The 2 piece we never use but the rest are great and have really triggered his problem-solving and visual-social aweness.

Chart1144 07/25/2016

She is almost 3 1/2 and while the easier of the two are too easy

We have two boxes of these puzzles and ordered a third for a gift. My daughter loves them! She is almost 3 1/2 and while the easier of the two are too easy now, she still enjoys doing them independently. For a while she needed help sorting them into the correct puzzle, but now she can look at the backside and see which pieces go together. The pieces are durable cardboard, and the pictures are engaging. They are a nice step up from the shape puzzles she had when she was younger. I would definitely recommend.

Lora J. Conte 07/10/2016

Exactly what I was searching for

This is exactly what I was looking for to transition my 21 month old from block puzzles to jigsaw type puzzles. I gave him the 2 piece puzzle for a few days and gradually moved up. He is now doing the 6 piece with a little help. Once he masters even the 8 piece I could see mixing multiple puzzles to allow him to continue to learn and be entertained. The pieces are very sturdy, large enough for easy handling but still small enough to travel with.

Boogies Mommy 07/04/2016

My 2.5 year old LOVES this

My almost 2.5 year old loves this! The peg puzzles with the cutouts are still fun- but are getting to easy for him. He likes puzzles that snap together, but the ones I've seen in stores are still too complex for him. This is perfect! The different numbered pieces allowed him to gain some confidence before trying a bigger puzzle when he would have usually gotten frustrated and given up. Two things that pleasantly surprised me: the pieces are big- perfect for toddler hands and each different puzzle piece is numbered on the back so you can easily match up which pieces go with each puzzle. I can't wait to try some other themes once he's mastered these- the great price makes that possible!

Michelle 06/23/2016

My son has a lot of fun with it

My son has a lot of fun with it. I'm glad they numbered the backs of the puzzles so you can sort them first.

laura 05/13/2016


Great Quality! Great Colors! Children love them.

Gray 03/28/2016

Good puzzles for 2 year old

Well made. Good puzzles for 2 year old, adult help needed with the more than 2 pieces. The Dinosaur pictures a big hit.

Abigail Garcia 03/14/2016

Cool puzzle.

Cool son really enjoys going from easy to more challenging. Great way to give him something to look forward to and see it through the end.

anne 03/05/2016

Good Purchase

My grandson loved it

Mila 02/29/2016

Five Stars

My fave!!!!!

BJD 12/23/2015

Great learning puzzles

These puzzles are wonderful. The pieces have numbers on the back so you know which puzzles pieces go together and the kids absolutely loved them this year for Christmas! Large pieces for easy handling and easy putting together. Highly recommend!

Esc 08/08/2015

Five Stars

Great puzzles, very nice colors.

Kathleen Campany 07/21/2015

Five Stars

grandson loves them

mrstrsims1 07/20/2015

Five Stars

Grandson loves the puzzle.

kim boissonneault 07/03/2015

Five Stars

great activity! love the way the pieces range from 2pcs to 8pcs...

Anissa Bernardo 03/29/2015

Five Stars

My 1 and 3 year olds love it!

Kathy Hayner 12/27/2014

Five Stars

I love this puzzle! A great, progressive type puzzle for toddlers moving away from the wooden frame puzzle.

Amanda B. 07/20/2014

Best dinosaur puzzle ever

My 2.5 year old absolutely loves this puzzle! At first I tried separating them into bags by puzzle because I thought it was a little difficult for him but by the second night of playing with it he was dumping all 4 puzzles into the same pile and putting them together accurately and quickly!! Would definitely buy again for a friend's child.

Brianne 02/07/2014


My two year old loves puzzles and dinosaurs. This is the perfect transition puzzle from board to pieces. She solved all of them without a hitch and plays with them numerous times a day. I would definitely recommend.

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