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This fun and colorful puzzle features a vibrant clock that will encourage children to develop and learn about the functions of time! This beautifully colored set includes pictures under the pieces to guide younger children of all skill set! Each puzzle measures 15''x11''. Ages 3+Years

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Hiralmi Rodriguez 09/21/2021

Awesome! Great quality!

Great tool for when you begin teaching time ! We love it! Great practice!

Karen Franklin 12/01/2020

Great Learning

3rd puzzle I have bought from them this year. All Awesome!!!!!!

@MakingHomeHere 09/12/2020

Great Intro to Telling Time

This is a very simple puzzle that helps introduce telling time. The hour hand and minute hand can move to show different times, and the minutes on the outside of the puzzle help familiarize little learners with the breakdown of how a clock works. It's a great teaching tool!

Pat 01/21/2018

Five Stars

daughter loves it and I do too! I like how simple, clean, colorful, and easy it is to use. We use it during homeschooling and it has really helped her learn how to read a face clock.

Rebecca 01/17/2018

Five Stars

My grandson loved this and plays with it all the time, great way to introduce the concept of time and colorful too!

Ashley 12/27/2017

Bought this as a christmas gift for my 3 yr ...

Bought this as a christmas gift for my 3 yr old... she really likes the colors and matching all the numbers. She obviously cant tell time yet but it definitely teaches her where the numbers go on a clock.

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