Long & Tall Puzzles - Color Dancing Dino's

Long & Tall Puzzles Color Dancing Dinos

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Kids will be fascinated when they assemble this 5 foot puzzle that teaches colors and encourages discussion about the lively dinosaur characters! The Long & Tall Puzzle - Color Dancing Dinos consists of 51 pieces and offers friendly faces and giant fun for little ones, who will also sharpen their hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills without even knowing it. Ages 3+ years.


Ciara W 11/30/2020

Great & Colorful Puzzle To Do With Your Child.

This puzzel is so whimsical and fun! My 3 year old son loved doing this with me. The pieces are big and bright, so it's a great if you have little ones. It's very well made and the illustrations are great! My son really enjoyed it. It's an awesome activity to do with your kids.

Keerthana 11/10/2020

Love it

This puzzle was perfect my 4 year old.. We got it today and she was engaged with it for almost 3 hours. The jumbo size is perfect for the little ones to identify and it’s fits great in a kids room. My younger one is 2 and this would be perfect for him as well. If you are looking for a puzzle for 3+ Years this would be great and I totally recommend it

Lori 06/05/2020

Sturdy puzzle

I purchased this puzzle over a month ago for my 3-year-old and it’s one of his favorite puzzles. Pieces are large and sturdy for the most part. Definitely worth it for the price.

Teresa 05/03/2020

Cute puzzle but not best quality

Puzzle is super cute! My son loved it. However, the puzzle pieces are a little warped and don’t stay down due to this.

Thomas Hartigan 04/20/2020

Nice big puzzle

Great puzzle. My kids love these huge ones!

Samantha Prudhomme 04/09/2020

Great Product

My kids love it! The colors are vibrant and the price I couldn’t pass it up.

DIANA LOGOZIO 03/11/2020

Puzzle ???? Fun

My grand children from ages three to six Enjoyed this puzzle ..it was a lot of fun ..it was challenging but easy and everyone laid next to it when they were done and we took pictures ????????????????

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