Electronic play

Learn with Me Shapes Elephant

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$29.99 Price

Children will have tons of fun playing with the Learn With Me Shapes Elephant, which includes a specially designed container, 10 peanut shaped cutouts to deposit, and has two play modes: Discovery and Find It! to help them learn about colors and shapes. All cutouts store neatly inside the container. Requires two AA batteries (included). Recommended for ages 2+ years.

On The Go 3 Pack Set (Phone, Remote, Controller)

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$39.99 Price

This three-pack set of role-play toys will keep your babies and toddlers  "On the Go!". The On The Go Activity Set includes a phone, remote control, and game controller. Built just for toddlers, these three fun toys will introduce your little one to colors, shapes, numbers, lights, sounds, and more! They can pretend to be just like Daddy and Mommy! Set requires four "AA" batteries (included). Ages 3+ months. 

Crawl About Butterfly

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$19.99 Price

Your child will be off and crawling in no time with the Crawl About Butterfly. This early learning companion wobbles as it moves. A simple push on the back starts its forward motion. It also has bright lights and fun melodies, enticing your child to crawl after it as it moves across the floor. Crawl About Butterfly will quickly become a favorite! Requires two AAA batteries (included). Ages 6+ months.

Little Tunes Tambourine

$19.99 Price

Get down with the beat with the Little Tunes Tambourine. Little Tunes Tambourine features four play modes with fun sound effects and melodies, bright light up buttons, sturdy handle, auto off, and more! The fun music and sound effects will have your little one rockin' to the beat.  Requires three "AA" batteries (included). Ages 12+ months. 

Game Play

Match It! 3 Letter Words

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$14.99 Price

Learning to spell becomes fun and easy with Match It! 3 Letter Words! These colorful three letter puzzle card sets provide children with a great introduction to spelling and will help to expand their vocabulary. They will learn to spell by associating the object with the word and correctly assembling self-correcting puzzle pieces - only the right spelling goes together! Set includes 20 puzzle sets. Recommended for ages 4+ years.

My First Play It! Animal Match

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$12.99 Price

Kids will have fun learning about farm animals until the cows come home with My First Play It! Animal Match. With the colorful barn playing boards and animated animal cards, My First Play It! Animal Match will have your little ones “making hay” and mastering matching skills in no time. On your turn, select a card and see if it matches an animal in your Barn. The first one to fill their board wins the game! Game includes 4 game boards and 16 playing pieces. For up to four players. Ages 2-5 years.

Match It! Dinosaur Bingo

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$14.99 Price

Kids LOVE dinosaurs and Match It! Dinosaur Bingo is a great way for them to learn about their favorite prehistoric friends. Simply match the real photo dino picture cards or names to the playing board. The first one to fill their card wins! Dinosaur Bingo includes four double-sided game boards, 36 dinosaur cards, and suggestions for different ways to play the game. Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

Write & Erase Numbers Flash Cards

$14.99 Price

Little scholars will develop handwriting and counting skills with these handy flash cards. The vibrant double-sided flash card sets include 26 cards and a write-on wipe-off marker. The cards feature real images that offer a fun way for kids to practice and learn beginner skills that will prepare them for school years. Ages 3+ years.

Game Play

Puzzle Play

Jumbo Floor Puzzles USA Map

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$16.99 Price

The Jumbo Floor Puzzle series helps to develop your child's hand-eye coordination as they play. The 50 large puzzle pieces are easy to grasp and move, so your child stays engaged, and this colorfully illustrated giant map of the USA, along with all state flags, provides lots to explore and talk about. You'll love the look of accomplishment on your child's face as they finish the puzzle. This puzzle measures 3'x2'. Ages 3+ years.

My First Big Floor Puzzle Jungle Friends

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$14.99 Price

There's something special about watching little ones grow with excitement and anticipation as they assemble puzzle pieces one by one. With large, sturdy pieces, this beautifully illustrated My First Big Puzzle will provide hours of entertainment creating a lively jungle scene, complete wirh a giraffe, elephant, hippo, and much more! This puzzle includes 12 pieces and measures 24" x 18". Ages 2+ years.

My First Puzzle Sets 4-In-A-Box Puzzles Dino

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$12.99 Price

My First Puzzle set series are great “starter” puzzles and will help little hands develop fine motor skills. 4 In A Box Dino introduces fascinating dinosaurs as the puzzles progress from 2 pieces to 4 pieces, to 6 pieces to 8 pieces, giving your child the opportunity to grow and develop with the set. The 8-piece puzzle brings the characters from the other three puzzles together in one animated scene with lots to talk about. My First Puzzle sets are a great way to help your toddler build tactile and problem solving skills. Each puzzle measures approximately 12.5” x 8.5”. Ages 2+ years. 

My First Big Floor Puzzle Nosy Narwhal

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$14.99 Price

My First Big Floor Puzzles are classic shaped puzzles that will delight and entertain all ages. Kids will be fascinated as they piece together the puzzle of their magical and enchanting nosy narwhal friend. They will learn as they build from piece to piece, sparking their interest and improving their concentration skills. The beautifully illustrated My First Big Floor Puzzles will keep your child engaged and is the perfect activity with play mates, too. The puzzle is made up of twelve large shaped puzzle pieces and is an excellent way to develop tactile and problem-solving skills. This puzzle measures approximately 24’’ X 18’’. Ages 2+ years.

Constructive Play

Techno Gears Dizzy Droid

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$25.99 Price

Kids love to construct and the Techno Gears Dizzy Droid kit is the perfect way to encourage your little builder. With 60+ colorful construction pieces, power motor, and more, this kit includes everything your child needs to build their own droid with motorized gears. The mechanics of the droid include gears and will introduce them to and allow them to experience the science of gear ratio. This product aligns with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6+ years.

Techno Gears Dragon Bot

$25.99 Price

Your young engineer can bring the fantastic to life when building this Techno Gears Dragon Bot. With over 60 colorful construction pieces, quirky components, and a power motor, this kit includes everything your fantasy enthusiast needs to build their own moving and working Dragon Bot. Watch it fly across the floor, breathe fire through its jaws, and thrash its wings. The mechanics of these Techno Gear sets include gears and will introduce and allow kids to experience the science of gear ratio. These products align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards). Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6-12 years.

Techno Gears Monster Truck 2.0

$19.99 Price

Kids love to build, and the Techno Gears Construction Sets are the perfect way to encourage your little engineer, architect, or mechanic! With more than 60+ colorful construction pieces included with Techno Gears Monster Truck, the assembly is challenging and rewarding, while the destination possibilities are endless! Imagine romping through mountainous terrain, or zooming past the animals in the zoo, or the players in the ballpark, creativity will soar with the rugged Techno Gears Monster Truck! This product aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6+ years.

Techno Gears Bionic Biplane

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$31.99 Price

The Techno Gears sets are the perfect way to encourage youngsters to build. With 80+ colorful construction pieces like translucent colored plastic and flashy chrome parts, rotating gears, and moving propeller, the new Bionic Biplane kit includes everything your airplane enthusiast needs to build their own moving and working plane. The mechanics of these Techno Gear sets include gears and will introduce and allow them to experience the science of gear ratio. These products align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included) and three button cell batteries (included). Recommended for ages 6+ years.

Constructive Play

Active Play

My First Shape Sorter

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$17.99 Price

This big shape sorter cylinder will help keep your toddler engaged for hours! With the shape cutouts on the top and sides, your little one will get lots of practice learning about shapes and where they fit. The shapes also conveniently store inside the unit. Ages 12+ months.

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

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$12.99 Price

Help your little learner master their alphabet and number skills with this jug full of letters and numbers. Early Learning Magnetic Letters and Numbers come with endless possibilities for learning. Encourage your kids to use the magnetized letters and numbers to create their favorite words or even early math equations. Includes upper and lower-case alphabet letters (including two sets of upper-and-lower case vowels), numbers 0-9, and math symbols. 80 pieces in total.

Play & Learn Shopping Cart

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$34.99 Price

Kids can enjoy the complete shopping experience with the Play & Learn Shopping Cart! Our kid-sized Shopping Cart is easy to push with its lightweight plastic construction and big wheels. Fun accessories include a variety of plastic and cardboard food items. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

Kids Bank Play Money Set

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$12.99 Price

This "stash of cash" contains more than $5000 in realistic play money. Kids can sharpen their counting and mathematics skills as they play. The money conveniently stores in the reusable plastic storage tray. Ages 5+ years.